In the sustainable world

Biochar production  by pyrolysis process

  1. Replaces coal as a carbon source in metallurgy
  2. Reduces fossil based materials as energy source in industry
  3. Solves animal manure overproduction in farming 
  4. Serves as recycling for sewage sludge
  5. Utilises algae in form of sustainable fertiliser

In addition to the above

Biochar can also be used as feedstock in activated carbon production (we design and supply this kind of the pyrolysis plants as well) and some other applications. Syngas is the second valuable product in biochar production by pyrolysis being as a source of sustainable bio-fuel.

Biochar use in metallurgy, industry and agriculture

Biochar as bio-carbon

Biochar can reduce usage of coal in metallurgical processes, along with mitigating CO2- and greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing emissions and replacement of coking coal is possible by bio-based carbon, which is produced by high-temperature pyrolysis.

coal replacement by bio-carbon in metallurgy
biochar as biofuel in industry

Biochar as industrial biofuel

Biochar fuel replaces fossil fuels in energy hungry industires like metallurgy or cement production, reducing CO2 and greenhouse emissions. Biochar fuel is produced by torrefaction (low temperature pyrolysis). Waste wood may be used as feedstock.

Biochar as fertiliser

Biochar production from animal manure overcomes excessive manure generation by farmers also serving as soil improvement agent without pathogens and organic pollutants. This kind of biochar is produced by pyrolysis at average temperatures.

biochar as fertiliser

Project phases for large-scale industrial pyrolysis plant

We design and supply pyrolysis plants producing different types of biochar with a single line input capacity up to 10 tph (80,000 tpa).

Project phase 1

Engineering design process

Project phase 2

Procurement, fabrication and FAT

Project phase 3

Equipment packing and shipment

Project phase 4

Construction and commisioning

  Design and supply of quality biochar production pyrolysis plants

biochar pyrolysis furnace assembly
biochar pyrolysis furnace at construction site

Pyrolysis furnace for biochar production 64,000 tpa during assembly, construction and operation

EU, Western Europe

installed biochar pyrolysis furnace in operation
Why choose us?

Our Competitive Advantage

We design and supply quality industrial pyrolysis equipment.

Our main qualifications include

Professional Staff

Skilled multidisciplinary engineering and management team

Fabrication Facilities

Production workshops and assemply facilities in Germany

Long-term Experience

Decades of experience in the pyrolysis projects delivery


Commercially viable large-scale pyrolysis plants for competitive prices

Quality Sub-suppliers

Broad network of reliable EU sub-suppiers for pyrolysis equipment components

Project Execution

Excellence in delivery quality pyrolysis products on time and budget

Frequently Asked Questions

questions about pyrolysis plant
What is the minimum single line capacity?

Minimum standard pyrolysis inlet capacity for biomass is 5 tph (40,000 tpa).

How the process is heated up ?

By energy of the pyrolysis gas or electrically.

What is the maximum moisture content of the feedstock?

Maximum moisture content of the biomass at the pyrolysis furnace inlet should be 15 % wt.

What is a typical delivery time?

Typically lead time is 12-15 months (ExW, assembly workshop in Germany). It depends on market situation with the materials and components supply, e.g stainless steel.

Will you provide spare parts?

Yes, we can supply typically required spare and wear parts for 3 years.

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